Hashnote’s Long Token Fund

Achieve portfolio allocation to spot crypto assets.

What is The Long Token Fund?

Hashnote’s Long Token Fund is an investment vehicle that enables long exposure to spot cryptocurrency assets. From Bitcoin, to Ether, to a market cap-weighted crypto index, Hashnote provides a wide range of strategies to make sure investors obtain the right balance of crypto for their portfolio.

Our Products

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)

Get long Bitcoin and/or Ethereum with daily liquidity and the ability to subscribe and redeem both in-kind as well as with fiat. Assets are held on-chain in a secure MPC wallet.

Daily Liquidity
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Ethereum (ETH) Staking

Accumulate network rewards by staking ETH through the Lido liquid staking middleware protocol. Receive variable annualized ETH network rewards while maintaining liquidity, enabled by the protocol’s liquid staking token.

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Two-Day Liquidity
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Hashnote CoinDesk 20 Index Fund Series

Diversify into the broader crypto asset class via a market-weighted index. This product is great for investors seeking access to a wider swath of the cryptocurrency market without the resources necessary to completely research each project.

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USYC (US Yield Coin)

Earn short-term risk-free rate of returns in a tokenized structure. Get instant, open access to the digital economy.

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