Cash Management with USYC

Tokenized US Treasury investments creating yield with money market-like profiles.

What is USYC?

Hashnote introduces simplified, composable investment strategies tailored to maximize your assets' potential. The Short Duration Yield Fund (SDYF) generates yield by tokenizing investments into US Treasury Bills, repurchase (repo) and reverse repurchase (reverse-repo) agreements. We call this product the US Yield Coin (USYC).

Built on the backbone of blockchain innovation, this solution offers both the safety of traditional finance and the expediency of digital asset token settlements. Whether funding or redeeming, Hashnote ensures seamless, transparent, and regulated transactions.

Our Products

USYC (US Yield Coin)

Earn short-term risk-free rate of returns in a tokenized structure. Get instant, open access to the digital economy.

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Daily Liquidity
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USYC Yield Enhancer (USYC+)

Earn enhanced yields with no principal risk. An automated strategy that enhances yield by selling options collateralized by the interest accrued in USYC, without placing the principal at risk.

Weekly Liquidity
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Hashnote's Cash Management service is more than just a financial tool—it is a gateway to a new era of asset management. With our focus on blockchain integration, we bring unparalleled benefits to our clients.

Yield Maximization

Generate substantial returns through investments in US Treasuries and innovative repo agreements.

Safety and Security

Principal investments are safeguarded in low-risk, high-security assets, where compliance and transparency are not just promises but the foundations of our service.

Blockchain-Enhanced Security

Experience the future of finance with our blockchain-driven approach, offering heightened security and operational efficiency.

Liquidity and Accessibility

Benefit from the flexibility and fluidity in your investments, tailored for dynamic financial needs.

Our commitment  to transforming cash management through blockchain is unwavering.

At Hashnote, we are not just managing assets; we are shaping the future of financial investment.

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