The Hashnote CoinDesk 20 Index Fund Series

An investable index product that captures the dynamic and evolving landscape of digital assets,

powered by the CoinDesk 20 Index (CD20).

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Hashnote CoinDesk 20 Index Fund Series

What is the CoinDesk 20 Index?

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The CoinDesk 20 Index (CD20) measures the performance of 20 of the largest and most liquid digital assets. The weighting caps promote diversification across all constituents, a feature investors can appreciate.

CoinDesk 20 Index Key Facts

The CoinDesk 20 Index aims to provide a clear and objective view of the cryptocurrency landscape, making it a valuable tool for investors seeking exposure to a broad range of digital assets.

Daily Liquidity

Easily allocate into or out of the index without the need to interact with various tokens and wallets

20 Constituent Tokens

Eligibility of each constituent is based on liquidity and exchange listing requirements (stablecoins excluded)

Market Cap-Weighted

Market capitalization weighted with a 30% cap on the largest constituent (currently BTC) and a 20% cap on all other members (currently capping ETH)

Automated Maintenance

Quarterly reconstitution and rebalancing; no rehypothecation; on-chain transparency

The Investment

The Hashnote CoinDesk 20 Index Fund Series closely tracks the broader digital asset market, capturing over 90% total digital asset market capitalization*, which results in a return profile correlated with the general trends of the cryptocurrency sector.

CoinDesk 20 Index Constituent & Weights

CoinDesk 20’s creation involved a thorough process, carefully addressing constituent inclusion, rebalancing cadence, and specific features.

Source: CoinDesk 20 Index (CD20), Index Constituents
Data as of April 30, 2024

The Partnership

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The collaboration between Hashnote and CoinDesk Indices represents a milestone in the evolution of the digital asset market. For the first time, a regulated and institutionally focused cryptocurrency asset management firm is introducing the CD20, a professionally managed index product designed to meet the sophisticated needs of institutional and individual investors.

About CoinDesk Indices and The CoinDesk 20 Index

CoinDesk Indices, a subsidiary of CoinDesk, has been the leading provider of digital asset indices by AUM since 2014. CoinDesk is the most trusted media, events, indices and data company for the global crypto economy.

As the digital asset class emerges, market participants and observers will need a new reference index to measure performance, invest, and trade. The CoinDesk 20 Index has been designed with liquidity, diversification benefits, and implementation in mind. This index is the reference for crypto and the new building block for investment products.

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