David Shapiro

Head of Protocol Engineering

David has been an entrepreneur for the past 12 years. Prior to Hashnote, David Co-founded and led product and engineering as CTO of Scout Security (ASX), a security focused IoT firm. Later he served as VP of Engineering at Latch Inc (NASDAQ). David has also developed hybrid-chain protocols to optimize yield farming and execute arbitrage between decentralized exchanges.

Alex Walchli

Head of Engineering

Alex has been a technologist for the past 14 years, with the last 8 in the finance industry. For the last several years he has worked closely with Leo, leading the development of a new product suite of trading applications for the Fixed Income Currencies and Commodities trading group within DRW. Before that he was the Director of Engineering at ZeroHash, a cryptocurrency infrastructure platform.

Christine Sandler

Chief Revenue Officer

Christine has spent the past 5 years as a sales and marketing leader in crypto with both Coinbase and Fidelity digital assets focusing on providing strategic infrastructure solutions to institutions.   Previously, Christine led sales organizations at NYSE Euronext, Barclays, Merrill Lynch and Archipelago, primarily focused on the exchange and algorithmic trading space.

Leo Mizuhara

Chief Executive Officer

Leo spent 12 years at Bank of America, eventually departing as Managing Director managing the bank's assets and liabilities as part of Corporate Investments. From there he spent five years running Fixed Income Currencies and Commodities Systematic Options Trading at DRW before launching Hashnote with DRW's support.

Institutional DeFi Simplified
Regulated Institutional Grade Gateway & Investments
Let Us Make DeFi a Part of Your Portfolio

Why Hashnote?

Fully Regulated

At Hashnote regulatory compliance comes first. Regulated by the CFTC as a CPO in the US and CIMA, internationally.

Institutional Grade

Built & managed by experienced finance and financial technology professionals


Our permissioned smart contracts approach means every transaction is done with a KYCed counterparty.

On-Chain Transparency

All non-fiat transactions of your assets are viewable and verifiable on-chain.


Work with us to create a bespoke risk reward profile that fits your DeFi investment objectives.


Hashnote professionals abstract the complexities of interacting with DeFi.

Zero Counterparty Risk

Our use of DeFi means your investments are free of counterparty risk.

Dedicated Support

Questions or concerns? Hashnote provides 24/7 phone support with a knowledgeable product manager.

API & Reporting

Integrate & reconcile with your existing back-office.

Our Strategies

Yield Generation

Earn high yields available in DeFi with or without directional exposure.

Protecting Downside

Hedge downside risk in any cryptocurrency asset you own.

Leveraged Upside

Deploy capital efficient upside strategies.

Crypto Skeptic

Profit from the collapse of crypto.

Structured Credit

Earn yield with on-chain structured products, benefiting from the efficiency of blockchain technology.

Create your own Crypto Index

Codify a directional bias towards a segment of crypto.

Auditing and Security

Smart Contract Experts

Development team includes smart contract security experts. A security-first design allows Hashnote vaults to be the most secure. We are not an engineering team thinking about security, but security experts thinking about smart contract engineering.

Layered Auditing

Multiple third-party teams contribute to a complete audit of our code base. Auditors are vetted and chosen based on a diverse set of skills.

Allow List

Our approved allowlist means no one interacts with Hashnote contracts without us knowing their identity. Hashnote believes in secure decentralization, not decentralization at the expense of security.

Who We Are


Leo Mizuhara

Chief Executive Officer

Christine Sandler

Chief Revenue Officer

Alex Walchli

Head of Engineering

David Shapiro

Head of Protocol Engineering


Don Wilson


Advisor 4


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